Classes will be held at the Russell County Public Library each Friday at 10:00 a.m. starting May 7th - June 25th.
Come join us! You will learn something new, have fun, and get a free item at each class!
Contact Katie at 276-889-8056 or to register.





First and foremost, I hope and pray you and your family are doing well during this uncertain time.

My name is Katie Nuckles and I work at the Russell County Extension Office with the Family Nutrition Program. Under normal circumstances, I teach nutrition and healthy living classes in a 6-8 lesson series. These lessons cover basic nutrition, grocery store budgeting, meal planning, physical activity, and I would cook healthy recipes and give out free kitchen items.  

We are in crazy times and that has made the format of my job different, as it has for most people. I now can offer different options for people to get healthy living and nutrition information.

·      I have a solely online version, where I would get participants information, sign them up and give them the username and password and they can watch six easy and short lessons on nutrition at their own convenience. I have taken these lessons and they are very informative and easy to learn from. Those who complete the lessons will be mailed a packet of items that I would usually give out in class.

·      I have short (10-20 minutes depending on client) Nutrition in Covid-19 lessons I can do with people via phone call, zoom, Facetime. These cover topics such as self-stable foods, grocery shopping when options are limited, food storage and freezing, making a food pantry inventory and grocery list, getting kids involved in the kitchen, quick lunches for families, adults, or kids, yoga and mindfulness at home. With more topics to come. These would be weekly. It is in the works for those who do the lessons to get items also.

·      I can call and we do the lessons over the phone at times that work best for you. Once completed participants would be mailed the items usually given out in class.

·      Another option is setting up Zoom meetings and covering the materials that I would normally cover in a normal class setting. This would be weekly on a schedule. Once completed participants would be mailed the items usually given out in class.  

We all have been thrown an unexpected curveball. This has left some individuals in circumstances they have never seen before. My classes are set up and targeted to those who are low income or SNAP eligible, this doesn’t mean anyone is excluded, as I will enroll and teach anyone interested. My funders just want us to reach out to those who are SNAP eligible or receiving.  

People may now be wondering how to eat healthy on a much lower income, how to handle budgeting what food items to buy, etc. This is where I can come in and teach in one of the formats above.  

I ask if you know of any families or individuals you think would be interested in using this time to learn more about healthy living to please give me their information to reach out to them or they can contact me.  

I look forward to hearing back from you and teaching the people of Russell County healthy living and nutrition during this uncertain time.

I can be reached by email at By calling or texting 276-210-4708. I can also be reached by Facebook message.

 Stay safe and well,




Phone: 276-210-4708



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